Dialogue@ZJU: With the AI & Logic team of Prof. Liao Beishui, School of Humanities


[Messages from the editorProf. LIAO Beishui, head of Institute of Logic and Cognition, is the ‘AI Logic’ corner editor of Journal of Logic and Computation, a member of the editorial board of Journal of Argument & Computation and Journal of Applied Logics, a member of the IfCoLog office as representative for Asian affairs, a steering committee member of DEON, COMMA and AWPL. He has published 3 monographs, and a number of papers in some leading journals and top conferences such as AIJ, IJCAI, KR, etc. At the interview earlier this year, Prof. Liao and his postdoctoral fellow, Dr Zachiri Jason McKenzie, shared their research focus and ideas of how to build an interdisciplinary research team.]

Quotes from the Interview:

-My research mainly focuses on logic and artificial intelligence. I think this line of work is very interdisciplinary. We built theories and approaches from the perspective of philosophy, logic, linguistics, and we also developed algorithms and approaches that can be used to resolve some significant problems in the fields of artificial intelligence. (Prof. Liao)

- Concerning team members, as for postdocs, I hope they can do innovative research independently on the topic of logic and AI or philosophy, and conduct some other academic activities like organizing international conferences, seminars, and co-supervising postgraduate students. (Prof. Liao)

- It's a beautiful campus and looks like a beautiful school and everybody is very friendly and helpful and tolerant of my bad Chinese, I’m very grateful. (Dr. McKenzie)